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“Your Expressive Arts Therapy Playshop for cancer patients and their caregivers is so enjoyable and valuable, and your facilitative style adds a warm, personal touch to the experience. Thank you for yet another wonderful workshop - what a wonderful release for the participants.”


~ Malinda L. Breda, Ph.D., Program Coordinator/Support Group Facilitator        

  Caring Community – Living with Cancer, San Diego, CA



Thank you Alessandra for the opportunity to explore a new way of thinking about our bodies, specifically in relationship to the feelings and emotions around the extraordinary challenges of dealing with cancer.  This process, especially for Roxie,


brought out feelings and self-perceptions that we had never shared with each other, or even really located within our bodies themselves.  It's one thing to talk about those feelings intellectually in a therapy/group setting, like powerlessness, grief, restrained anger and frustration, but it's another thing to connect them directly with your body.



   ~ Cathy & Roxie, San Diego, CA

I am a new person when I get together with all of you. It really is a "pick me up!" 

~ V.R. Encinitas, CA

This art form (PhotoPainting) was “anything goes” and it tied in extraordinarily with my journey with cancer – let go, be creative, all is good. It touched me quite deeply; and I enjoyed the group energy as the classes progressed – it was positive and super!

~ L.B., Carlsbad

Thank you for having me in your classes last year as it was definitely something positive for me to look forward to. Caregivers suffer and need some TLC sometimes too. ~ A., Vancouver, Canada


Fantastic experience – very meaningful to me. ~ K.P., San Diego

Joy, healing, and creative. Thank you! ~ N.K. Encinitas

Much needed – Opened new avenues I was hoping to find. It helps balance all my current experiences

~ K.K., Encinitas

Delightful, enjoyable, energizing ~ V.F., San Diego


It was quite challenging for me to do this, and I LOVE the results!

I so appreciate your support and encouragement. ~ U.M., Carlsbad, CA

Fabulous! Healing! ~ C.E., Del Mar


Wonderful’~ J.G., Encinitas  - It was great ~ E.A., San Diego


Fantastic, fabulous experience ~ J.B., San Diego


Alessandra's manner with children, her genius with art and her vision of uplifting the hearts and minds of all through her medium is inspiring. She has added a rich, consciousness-based dimension to our CosmiKids experience that helps us support the spirit of our youth in a truly innovative and playful way.

~ Judy WIlliams, Founder and CEO, CosmiKids, Inc.


The Expressive Arts Therapy session was relaxing, joyful and profound. I learned about myself in the process, got more in touch with myself

~ C.N., Zen Buddhist Nun, Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA


Alessandra brings her warmth and experience to our cancer support participants allowing each one to express their inner feelings and emotions. Personally, and as a two-time breast cancer survivor and group facilitator, I enjoy playing with colors and brushes. It brings about something I like about myself!

~ Sara Fainstein, Ph.D., Cancer Support Group Facilitator at Caring Community – Living with Cancer, San Diego, CA


I wanted to thank you sincerely for teaching this wonderful class, but also for being such a good listener. I appreciate what you do, and I know you’ve helped me overcome some obstacles. ~ C.K., Carlsbad, CA


Alessandra was a delight. She was very supportive of our creativity. I loved the Playshop!

~ S.P., 15 years old, Santa Barbara, CA


The Expressive Arts Playshop is a great way to express our creativity and inner thoughts

~ M.D.S., 13 years old, San Diego, CA


I was glad I could enjoy the experience (Expressive Arts Therapy Playshop), even though I don’t consider myself an artist. The art was relaxing and interesting.

~ U.P., 15 years old, San Diego, CA


(with Expressive Arts) you find out things that you don’t know you have

~ M.L., 21 years old, Raleigh, NC



Alessandra, THANK YOU for the class and all that you did. Everyone loved the class and I think they will tell other people that! I enjoyed the class very much. Everyone was very impressed with you and all that you do. You have opened up a part of them to being creative and having the confidence in themselves to try things. This class was about a lot more than just making cards. This class can be done again with success here!

~ Glenn Thomson, Church Of Today Wellness Ministry Leader, San Diego, CA



Alessandra’s HeArt of Card Making is a favorite “Playshop” of the guests at Cal-a-Vie. Alessandra provides all the tools, inspiration and creative license that engages all of our guests in a fun evening of creating beautiful cards from the heart. Even the self-doubt, non-creative ones have designed fabulous cards with Alessandra’s guidance.

~ Debbie Zie, General Manager, Cal-a-Vie, The Spa Havens, Vista, CA



Alessandra’s workshops gave our staff the practical tools they needed to help foster and develop a child’s inner spirit and their ability to creatively express themselves. The entire Big Sprouts community has genuinely enjoyed and benefited from the resources that her training has provided.

~ Melissa Hubert, Big Sprouts Program Director, Little Sprouts Child Enrichment Centers &

  Big Sprouts School Age Programs – Methuen, MA


… What is really amazing is that I have finally touched on some creativity that I thought I didn't even have and have enjoyed letting it flow and take me wherever it wants to go. It is just wonderful to spend time working on the cards and getting lost in the work and allow my imagination to flow freely. It is an excellent therapy for me. Naturally, I am still at beginner's stage but I don't really care if they turn pretty or not, all I know is that I'm having fun and can't wait to have the time to continue experimenting with them.

~ C.D., San Diego, CA


I think this kind of art making (Expressive Arts) really makes me calm and it gets rid of other things

~ V.B., 15 years old, West Covina, CA


I think it’s great that we can look into ourselves and express our feelings other than with words.

~ L.T., 18 years old, Raleigh, NC


At first I thought the scribbling and other activities would be a random flow of ideas, but I was surprised that most works of art resulted with a common idea.

~ M.M., 16 years old, La Jolla, CA