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Mrs. Your Cardissima! for the Holidays

Joy Tags

Shell Tree

Peace Tags

Palm Tree Bling


Birds with Moon

Let it Snow

The Night Before Xmas...

Countless Blessings

Hats Off!

Love Letter



Gardener's Delight

Heart Wreath

 Celebration Tree
Gold Flower
Fancy Butterfly

Snow Globe



Xmas Bells

Peace Wreath

Three Wise Men

Mrs. Claus

To award-winning Italian artist, Alessandra Colfi, hand-made papers, little treasures, fine fabrics, and embellishments are “irresistible” — not to mention her growing collection of natural and recyclable odds-and-ends.

In her hands these simple objects are transformed into art

to express love and joy for healing and peace. The result is Cardissima!,

an exquisite line of art cards, each one a hand-made original,

a gift of love to be framed and treasured forever. 

Alessandra is featured on HGTV 'Crafters Coast to Coast'.


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